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 Kosher Deli | Bakery | Coffee Shop | Caterer 

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 Our Mission 

At Tiberius, our food is our foundation. We are a family run delicatessen, bakery and coffee shop where everyone works together to serve the freshest handcrafted foods - for every palette. From our traditional kosher delicacies and signature salads to our range of gourmet pastries and home-brewed coffees we strive to bring you dishes of the utmost quality.


“A clean, rich, ready-to-eat place with plenty of kosher food, fresh fish to prepare, snacks and products from the country, lots of herbs in a variety of styles and flavors, unique South African food, and unique local Jewish food, as well as many pastries. Nice service"

Netanel N.

“Fish always wonderful, and the variety of additional salads, cakes and biscuits are amazing"

Sue Rosen

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